cocker spaniel stud dogs.

Stud dog service for approved bitches. We help novice owners who are just beginning or only seek to breed one litter. We examine bitches to only mate on the right day and mating is supervised on a mating table. Our dogs are quick and quiet with all their bitches running free prior to mating and if one dog cannot mate a particular bitch, there are another three who will.


cocker spaniel pups

I only allow stud to bitches with a good temperament that I would consider typical of the breed I encourage testing and advertise the puppies at my discretion on my site advertising the health status. But it must be bared in mind they are often not personal friend at first and you must make your own mind up asking the questions I will tell you on my advise pages. I have turned many down who do not fit my idea a good dam. There is certainly more security in one of the named breeders but my puppies fly out the door so this may not be an option.

We added Bitcon Daniel to our stud Team he had qualified for Crufts I believe 4 times and so had the looksblue roan cocker spaniel stud dog and confirmation for the ring but didn’t like being shown and lost weight and condition. He moved into the farm with us and soon gained weight is now in top condition, bounces 4 ft in air with sheer joy of being alive. He has sired 4 litter of 11 puppies and certainly is not shy with the bitches but still hesitant with people he does not know but once you had a cuddle he’s there. The shyness has not come out in any of his offspring,they are all as bold as brass.